Volunteering website Do-IT.org.uk reports that every month more than 20,000 people click onto their site, and look for volunteering opportunities in their area connected with animals. It’s easy to see that many of us have a strong compassion for animals of all shapes and sizes, and helping those that are in need.

Unfortunately, not every animal or household pet would have a happy story to tell if they could speak. They could be strays roaming the streets, young animals abandoned because their owners could not afford to look after them, or they could be an animal that has suffered through accident, injury, or neglect. Animal Charities exist to look out for, and care for these animals, and they work in a variety of ways.

Quite a few animal charities will operate sanctuaries or re-homing centres, and will take in dogs, cats, or maybe even a variety of other small and large animals, bringing them back to full health if needed, and hopefully finding them a new loving home. Some volunteers and staff may also have to work closely with animals that have suffered trauma or have behavioural problems. Some animal charities may also have clinics either attached to a re-homing centre, or as a separate operation, often offering subsidised or free treatments, such as neutering, or other healthcare treatments, to those who can often not afford it.

Click through the pages on this site, and you will find out that animal welfare charities work across a broad spectrum of sectors. On any given day or week animals can be re-homed or treated, or often rescued. Care is just one part of the equation though, as many charities seek to educate current and prospective pet owners on owning pets what to expect from different pets and breeds, and perhaps most importantly, how to look after animals and be a responsible pet owner.

Animal welfare doesn’t just cover domestic pets and their owners though; well respected charities carry out research into animal testing, and the use of animals in farming, and sporting activities. It’s all about encouraging best practice across any industry involving animals, and influencing decision makers and legislative bodies.

If supporting an animal charity is something you’re interested in, or you are looking to make use of the services on offer, then you won’t have far to look to find one. Charities like the RSPCA and Cats Protection have local branches and facilities, and you’ll often find smaller, local charities, operating in your area as well. There’s always an interesting campaign going on, or related news to read online, and of course if you want to help, there are fundraising events, and chances to volunteer as well.

The charities mentioned on this site are some of the biggest in the UK, and they work to promote animal welfare, where it’s needed on a local, national, and international level. On each charity’s page there is more about their background, the passionate people who set them up, and the work that they do to care for animals today. Look out for more details on the Dogs Trust, Blue Cross, Animal Health Trust, PDSA, and the RSPCA.

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