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The Royal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (RSPCA), is a registered charity in England and Wales, which works internationally, nationally, and locally, to look out for animals and challenge cruelty and suffering. Founded in 1824, the charity has a clear mission, to ensure that humans respect animals, whether they be household pets, or wild beasts roaming the plains of Africa.

The RSPCA work hard year round with a team of staff and supporters to promote animal welfare, and prevent animal cruelty, and their work covers the following areas:

Household Pets: The RSPCA’s mission is to promote responsible pet ownership, and ensure pets are cared for properly, not over populated, and not treated cruelly.

Farm Animals: The RSPCA is on a mission to have all farm animals in the UK looked after in adherence to higher welfare standards set by the charity. They also work to raise awareness with consumers, of products that are sourced from animals cared for using these standards. Other projects include looking at improving farm animal related welfare legislation, and product labelling. (Check out the Freedom Food scheme on the website for more information on this)

Wild Animals: The RSPCA work to promote wild animal welfare in several main areas, including trying to stop the ivory trade, and the use of wild animals in circuses. They also seek to campaign against hunting and killing wild animals for sport, and discourage people buying exotic animals as pets, when they will be living in highly unsuitable conditions.

Animals and Research: The RSPCA has a clear goal to reduce the suffering of animals that are found to be used in research, partly by ensuring UK standards fall in line with new EU laws, and also looking at ending animal’s suffering in experiments. The charity also challenges the need for using animals in research in the first place.

As you can, see the RSPCA has some clear goals and areas which they work in, but what about what they actually do on a day-to-day practical basis? Part of their work involves animal rescue, and the calls they receive from worried members of the public number in the hundreds of thousands. Pets or other animals are rescued from disasters or accidents, given a safe home if they are abandoned, and rescued from cruelty. The RSPCA is also the only animal welfare charity that prosecutes under the Animal Welfare Act of 2006, particularly when assistance is refused, and there have been high levels of neglect, and unwarranted deliberate acts of violence.

http://www.rspca.org.uk provides further details of all the work the charity does in each of these areas, national campaigns and events, fundraising, lots of animal related content and news, and what the RSPCA does on a local level. Direct animal welfare work is often carried out locally via RSPCA branches, which are separately registered charities across England and Wales. Find one near you, and you could have access to clinics, animal rehoming centres, boarding/fostering facilities, and subsidised neutering, plus other veterinary treatments. This is just a taster of what the RSPCA does, and the valuable contribution they have made to animal welfare; more information is just a click away.

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